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What is Electronic Giving?

Pre-authorized giving allows for a specific dollar amount to be withdrawn automatically from
a chequing or savings account, on a regular payment schedule determined by you. Preauthorized
giving is not only easy, it’s also safe and secure. This option helps individuals and
families remain faithful in their giving even when they are out of town or unable to attend a
weekend service.

Why is New Hope offering Electronic Giving as a method of giving?

New Hope is pleased to now offer electronic giving for your convenience, and to help our Church manage our finances with more ease. We recognize that many financial institutions have ever increasing service charges for writing cheques, and this new process with come out
of your bank as a “pre-authorized debit”. Our Church has fixed expenses that we still need to cover each week/month, so if you’re unable to physically be in Church, we can still receive
your financial gifts, tithes and offerings. We’d like to make your offerings as easy to make as
paying your hydro or gas bill, or as looking after your rent or mortgage payments!

How frequently should I give?

Pre-authorized giving can be set up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on any regular day determined
by you. If you’d like to set your tithe to come out of your bank account on the 15th and 30th of each month, we can do that too! What if the amount that I tithe changes every week We recognize that your giving may change from week to week. We are suggesting that ideally, you would establish a pre-authorized fixed minimum amount with a frequency that works best for you and your payday schedule. You may continue to use your envelopes when you are
able to supplement this pre-authorized payment due to variances in your pay periods.

What do I need to do to send my giving electronically?

You provide your bank account information and the regular amount you wish to give and the
church’s credit union will automatically collect your contribution on the days of the month you
choose. We will need some basic information from you and a blank, void cheque. The Finance
Team will complete the necessary paperwork for you and ask you to review, approve,
and sign the final document.

Will this cost the Church (or me) anything?

This service is being set-up and managed for our Church at no charge! You will need to
confirm with your bank what, if any, the charge will be to you for the pre-authorized withdrawal.
If there is a service charge by your bank, it is likely less than the cost of writing a cheque.

What if I need to change or cancel the pre-authorized debit?

Please speak to a member of the Finance Team and they will look after this for you. Or, you can
email the Church office at New Hope Methodist Church (nhmc337 @ or, please
see Diane Comtois or Jonathan Gibson after Church. We will need at least one (1) weeks’
notice to make such a change.

Can I designate my money to a specific fund?

Unfortunately, not with the Pre-authorized giving. Any special fund or project giving should be done via the envelope and placed in the offering plate.